Monday 5 August 2013

Rounding Numbers

By , Director, Naturally Sales Ltd.

Excel has a number of ways to round numbers. Today we'll look at three of these methods, and we'll re-visit the topic in a future edition.

The first we'll look at is the ROUND function. This rounds a decimal to the number of digits specified, and is constructed as follows: =ROUND(number, no. of decimals). For example, =ROUND(3.141592654,3) would give 3.142. Remember, of course, that these numbers don't have to be built into the formulas - they can be cell references containing numbers instead.

Maybe, though, you specifically want to round up or down. The formulas for these are constructed in the same way. The ROUNDUP function will round up to the number of decimals specified and ROUNDDOWN will round down in the same way.

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